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The story told in Reunion is of relevance far beyond its subject matter. It raises important questions about how men deal with mental health issues in the modern world. Men are often conditioned to think of themselves as overtly masculine, so when faced with a mental health problem they tend to supress their illness or deal with it in a damaging way.


The most important element of any film is of course the story, which unfolds over the course of one night. The central characters clash as they discuss the courses of their lives and what they have become. Reunion is immensely rich in both drama and characters and will become a tight and well-crafted film.


The Reunion storyline provides an original take on the kitchen sink drama. We enter a world of inequality, social divides and brilliant minds struggling to survive and adapt on the fringes of society. This is an exciting, entirely original work that is designed to be both an entertaining and intelligent film. It has very strong word-of-mouth potential.


The dramatic narrative of Reunion is driven by structured plot twists and turns. It generates conflict and arouses curiosity. It also has the potential to shock and sadden. It offers suspense and tension – but also moments of deep humanity and gentle humour – all the way to the credits.


In order to create the film’s world we will use authentic locations in which the events will unfold in-continuity, to give the actors a real sense of their character’s development.


Imaginative & stylish production design will be crucial to Reunion: atmospheric locations with an edge of haunting strangeness; marvellous props; excellent hair & makeup – and sophisticated use of light and shadow.


But most of all, with a fine cast providing compelling acting performances, Reunion will entertain, by telling an exciting, moving and unique story.