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Early morning, the older brother picks up a mobile phone from a livingroom floor; his younger brother appears on the screen of the phone, the older brother taps play, the younger brother composes himself and is about to speak.


Earlier that night, the younger brother runs from an unknown incident in a city, he carries a bag full of something heavy, he is chased by two heavy set men; he escapes in a taxi. He is ill, weak and malnourished; he scratched his forearm in the back of the taxi. Arriving at a train station he boards a train to the town where he was born.


He is met that night at the train station by his older brother who has never left the town; his older brother picks up his brother’s bag and asks if he has the crown jewels in his bag. They arrive at the family home which has a ‘Sold by Auction’ sign in the front garden, they enter the house; it’s like travelling back in time to the 1970s. The livingroom is like a museum, full of dust and cobwebs; memorabilia collected by the brother’s parents is everywhere. A streetlight illuminates the room through holes in the curtains. The older brother lights a candle on a cake and wishes his brother ‘Happy Birthday’ and welcomes him home.


Over the course of the night the younger brother’s health deteriorates. His older brother explains to him, how he nursed their mother before she died and soon after their father also died. He recalls how they were so proud of the younger brother when he got his book of poetry published and how they thought he was so talented. He exalts him further at the prospect of him becoming a lecturer at the university. As the younger brother’s frustration with his older brother slowly but surely builds, he reveals the true reality of his existence. The older brother won’t accept the revelation and leaves to get some medicine for his younger brother, who is now very ill.


Early morning, the sun rises, the older brother enters the livingroom and his younger brother has gone. The older brother picks up the mobile phone and taps play on the screen, his younger brother says he has left him something in the bag and wishes him good luck. He looks in his younger brother’s bag and begins to laugh. On a bench outside the ‘Poets House Hotel’ the young brother removes his book of poetry from his hoodie pockets and opens the book, as he begins to read it, his head falls forward, the book falls to the pavement and he dies.