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The film will be shot in high contrast black and white to emphasise what initially would seem like a rather simplistic world in which the two main protagonist inhabit. However the visual style for the two brothers will be very different in both the way the camera moves and the way the shots are composed and framed.



Confident, outspoken, straight talking, he’s rough around the edges, loud and bullish. But despite his brusque exterior and aggressive nature, he’s fundamentally decent and honourable. He never moved out the town that he was born in and has always regretted this, he admires his young brother for escaping what he feels is a mundane existence. His stern exterior conceals great kindness, almost a soft heart; this is reflected in how he cared for his dying mother. For the older brother the camera will predominantly be locked-off and static, with precise and immaculately composed frames. The style will show his confident persona, a more settled character with more traditional values.



He's damaged goods. He has the neuroses and paranoia of a man who has struggled all his life to fit into society; a poet and free thinker who has never felt acknowledged. As a result he has created an imaginary world that his family think he inhabits. He’s a man who feels deeply, suffers bouts of severe depression, struggles with his own identity, thinks hard and is capable of flashes of true genius. The camera will reflect this through camera movements which are often slightly slow in finding him within the frame; this is intended to show that he is always struggling to fit into society. He will often be framed off-centre, at extreme angles, lurking towards the edge of frame to show his difficulties in communicating and expressing his emotions. Even when he is deep in thought or talking quite openly to his older brother there will still be slight camera movement and Dutch-tilts to reflect his unease in his own skin and his concealment of his real life story.



As the film narrative unfolds the framing will become closer and more extreme in composition to reflect the revelation that will eventually change the course of both of their lives forever.